Paul Strover RIP
Our remaining founder Paul Strover passed away on 10th July 2018. He was 89 years old, and one of three founding members.

Welcome to Unity Croquet Club

Golf Croquet at Unity Croquet Club

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Croquet is a great game. At Unity Croquet Club we play Golf Croquet (GC), which is much more sociable than other forms of croquet. In Golf Croquet, players play their shots in turn. There is no waiting for a player to finish a 'break'. That can happen in Association Croquet and Red House, and a break can take a considerable amount of time, meaning a lot of waiting.

Golf Croquet involves a few skills, which, like all skills, take time to master. But the game is simple and can be learned in a few minutes. This means a new player can get into a game immediately.

Besides skills, Golf Croquet is quite tactical. This can take longer to master than the playing skills.

Golf Croquet is played as singles or doubles. We usually play doubles.

Unity Croquet Club plays in various local, friendly leagues, but the overall objective of the club is for people to socialise, learn and enjoy the game and have fun.

Which also means having a club lunch every month (optional, of course) plus other occasional activities, such as our Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter's Tea Party themed afternoon in the Summer of 2017.

What we do
  • Club days

    Club playing days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 14:00 from April-October and from 13:00 November-March.

  • Mad Hatters

    We are, of course, completely mad, but only once a year, usually.

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